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In the Mountains of North Georgia, from April until June, our bees travel 2-3 miles from their hives to gather the nectars of blackberry, tulip poplar, and hundreds of other flowers. This wide variety of nectar sources is what gives Wildflower Honey its depth and complexity, much like a fine cabernet. Enjoy this treat as a sweetener in tea, with a robust cheese such as goat cheese, or as a glaze on chicken or salmon.

Available in:

  • 3-ounce glass jar
  • 12-ounce plastic squeeze bottle with dripless lid (NO MESS, NO WASTE!)
  • 24-ounce glass jar
  • 12 ounce 3-pack
  • Combo pack (12-ounce bottle and 24-ounce jar)

* A teaspoon per day may aid in building immunity to seasonal allergies for North Georgia residents!

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