$ 26.99

Ready to go WILD!!? This is the entire collection, as of today of our 4 wildly popular hand-crafted infused honeys:  Lavender Infused, Devil's Advocate - Ghost Pepper honey, Meyer Lemon Infused &  Ginger Infused allows for multiple pairing options and makes the perfect gift; especially for foodies! Each infusion is joyfully created in small gallon-sized batches with real whole food ingredients. 

Flavor Profiles:
Lavender Infused: Smooth, with floral notes of lavender, and a star anise undertone. Pairings: Breads, Nut Butters, night time teas such as Camomile and Brie Cheese. 
Meyer Lemon: Lemon/Orange, aromatic & bright.
Pairings: Perfect in tea.
Ginger Infused:  Warming & comforting with an Asian kick. 
Pairings: Asian sauces, dressings, mixology, marinades, glazes
Devil's Advocate: Smoky, with a bit of heat at the end.
Pairings: Use in cooking (BBQ sauces, meats, wherever you need a bit of a kick)

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