Encouragement for eating local, seasonal, organic food.

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Honey Segment on Georgia Grown

Bee Wild Honey Seen on Georgia Grown We are very excited about our relationship with Georgia Grown. As you know, one of our company’s focuses is to encourage our customers to eat local, seasonal, organic foods. That’s why Georgia Grown is such a good match for us! Look for their segments between programs on Georgia…

Jars of Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables

My Grandmother was from Poland and made homemade sauerkraut and sausage almost every Sunday. I can remember going into a pristine area of her basement set aside for fermenting vegetables and working with her to make the  sour cabbage. For my Grandmother’s generation, fermenting vegetables for preservation and health made sense. Fermentation helped us process…

Peaches Ripening on Newspaper

Ripening Peaches Continued

A Few More Tips about Peaches Do not refrigerate your peaches, after you pick them up from the grower. This stops the ripening process, as the chemistry in the peaches that cause ripening changes. It is important for air to circulate around the peaches as they are ripening, so please make sure that the peaches…