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Lose Weight Detoxing Bath

Lose Weight Detoxing

Self-Experiment with QueenBee – Lose Weight Detoxing My health mentor has been helping me, as I continue to upgrade my wellness. As part of that path, I’ve been working toward staying on a strict allergy/yeast elimination diet. My goal is to move into this way of eating all of the time. Then, I can gradually…

Vitamin D Sun

Vitamin D Controversy

Is Vitamin D Good for You? It’s winter, and we don’t get outside as much as we do in the summer because of the weather. Many doctors suggest high doses of Vitamin D in the winter or whenever your D levels look low. But, is taking high doses of Vitamin D good for you? This…



Musings from QueenBee – How Can We Create More Wellness As I work on uncovering another level of wellness, I look back at all the improvements I’ve already made and feel so grateful for the information about alternative support that has come my way over the last 20 years. Since our readers are interested in…