Thrive Market

My Experience with Thrive Market I’m working to bring my body to another level of wellness, and one of my health mentors, Dr. Kathryn Lawson, suggested that I clear my eating plan of all foods my body might see as allergens. She explained that when I removed gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and the nightshade family…


Introducing Our New Bee Wild Brand

How Our New Bee Wild Brand Benefits You Moving beyond the hive toward a sustainable future. For over 50 years, the Wright family has worked with the bees, as they are found in Nature, to produce raw, wild-crafted North Georgia honeys. But, let’s face it – the landscape has changed. During the 1950s and 60s…


Spanish Coffee with Honey

Happy International Coffee Day – Spanish Coffee with Honey As we mentioned in our Earthjustice post, we are enlarging what we offer our customers and readers because we have expanded who we are. As a part of this process, we currently are working on our Honey Recipe section. But, we didn’t want to miss the…


Return to Whole Foods Farmers Market

First Autumn Honey Event – Return to Whole Foods Farmers Market Autumn is here, and now that the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler, farmers markets in Atlanta begin closing down for the season. That’s when we begin preparing for the holidays and start demonstrating our honey body products and having honey tastings…


Remembering 911

This beautiful photo was taken yesterday morning by Ben Sturner of the leverage agency. I love the symbol of hope that the rainbow brings. Even nature is honoring lost family members, first responders, rescuers, and the military! Blessings to our readers and their families during this important day of remembrance!!!