Tomatillos in the Ground

Easy Peasy Planting – Tomatillos Fill the trench with compost-enriched soil. Tap down so that there is no room for air bubbles. Water. (I use 1 gallon of good water with 12 drops of ETS Plus for Plants from to give my plants a good start.) IMPORTANT: Tomatillos must be planted in pairs, or…


Soil Prep and Trenching

Step One for Tomatillos – Soil Prep and Trenching Since the planter I am using for tomatillos is in constant use, I dig the soil down to the bottom of the planter until the soil is loose and pliable in my hands. Although tomatillos aren’t particularly heavy feeders, I do want them to have a…


Kale and Planter

This is the kale that we picked.  We’ve been cooking it with corned beef and other organic vegetables, as well as using it in soups.
Once we harvested all the kale, we loosened the soil down to 12″ and added organic compost and manure.  We planted tomatillos here as part of our crop rotation.

Harvesting Kale

Why I Am Harvesting Kale When the weather gets warmer and your cool weather crops flower, it’s time to harvest everything and prepare the soil for the next crop. Our kale bolted (flowered), as in this picture – the one I took was out of focus so I got this one of the Internet. Since…