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2016 Earth Day Challenge

Sustainable Isn’t Just a Word – 2016 Earth Day Challenge QueenBee here! Glad to connect with you as we move full steam into Spring!!!!! I like the title of our 2016 Earth Day Challenge, “Sustainable Isn’t Just a Word.” When I picked this title, I wanted people to know that preserving the environment really is…


Don’t Skip Newsletters

A Good Strategy to Cut Research Time – Don’t Skip Newsletters Good morning!!! QueenBee here!!! The topic that came up for me today is newsletters. I get that everyone is busy and that finding time can be challenging. After all, don’t we all do are best to fulfill multiple roles every day – business owner/employee,…


Join Us! Thriving in a Changing World!

Welcome to Thriving in a Changing World! We’ve been busy as bees in honey gathering season this week! We are in the process of launching our new brand, expanding our offerings, and opening our new website for our customers, readers, fellow retailers, and their friends. If you’ve missed our social media posts this week, we…