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Why Bees Are Dying

Morgan Spurlock Tells It All about Why the Bees Are Dying At Bee Wild we are committed to keeping you up-to-date on opportunities to learn about bees, beekeeping, honey, and the issues bees and beekeepers face. So, we are pleased to announce that Academy Award Nominated Director Morgan Spurlock is doing a show entitled, “Why the…


Who Is in the Mirror?

When You Look in the Mirror, Who Do You See? Our post, Bee Yourself, created so much buzz on Facebook and Twitter, we thought we’d take our discussion on authenticity one step further. So, when the Born This Way Foundation posted the featured image we borrowed from them, we felt inspired to share the Mirror…


What Is Up with Sourwood Honey

We often describe Bee Wild’ honey as raw, wildcrafted, natural, and unfiltered. We don’t claim being “organic,” as this status is meaningless in the United States, as there is no recognized certifying body for organic honey. Here’s the URL for our article describing what the terminology we use and how we gather honey: What…